Not Only


Divine Touch - But Also
Not Only05:36

In a realm beyond the confines of our understanding, there existed a being unlike any creature on Earth: a manifestation of the eternal struggle between order and chaos.

Her existence was a testament to the unpredictable nature of life; not confined by the boundaries of time or space, her path twisted and turned like a river flowing through the vast expanse of the cosmos.

She could not only bring harmony to the most chaotic of situations, but also sow discord. Her presence was both a blessing and a curse, for she was the embodiment of the delicate balance that held the universe together.

Her journey was a never-ending game, a dance between opposing forces. She would navigate through galaxies and dimensions, bringing order to the chaos of collapsing stars or chaos to the order of harmonious civilizations. Her actions were unpredictable, and her motives were known only to herself.

And so, in the vast expanse of the unknown, she continued her eternal journey, a being whose very essence was a testament to the intricate dance of existence itself.

Release Date: 2021/11/15
Genres: Downtempo, Electronic
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