Whispers of Dance


Divine Touch - But Also
Whispers of Dance (Preview)31:59

“His whispers leave traces of dance everywhere He goes.”

encapsulate the essence
a reflection of the aura surrounding the Artist and the transformative power of their Art
a delicate whisper that reverberates through the air
igniting sparks of movement
transported to a world where dance is the universal language
transcending barriers and connecting hearts
a symbiotic relationship between music and motion
a tapestry of sonic textures
a blend of the traditional and the contemporary
a sensory experience inviting you to surrender to the rhythm
let your body express what words cannot

Prepare to be swept away by Whispers of Dance, as it resonates with your soul and sets your spirit free. Allow the music to guide you on a transformative journey, where you’ll discover the beauty and joy that lies within the rhythm of life.

Release Date: 2023/6/16
Featuring: AnnÎrs Anãna
Genres: Afro-Brazilian, Electronic, Dance, Ritual
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