Divine Touch - But Also
Done That Been There01:34
Echoes of Joy04:21
Hot Pan01:24
Chapparal Quest02:45
Dream On02:52
Corybant Rite02:01
Sparks of Life02:27
Pasig Cool04:48
Días Plácidos05:48
Keep Me Up All Night02:46
Withered Ancients04:28
Nostalgia Remembered03:26
Angel Antics03:25
Velvet Revolver03:14
Never Would I Have Thought03:14
Apical Bliss04:38
Cooking Ice Cream03:09
Contested Rupture03:21
End of Time03:56

A chronicle that weaves its way through a world where music evades genre identities, forming instead a liquid tapestry typical of the complexities that make humanity so deeply intricate.

Nameless, it’s the story of a group of friends, each representing a different facet to this musical journey, uniting individual experience of the essential things in life — happy and sad memories, pure, raw energy – in an elemental challenge.

The delicate balance between happiness and longing, the drive of the creative spirit to explore sound and emotion, the inner peace that comes with nature and stillness, and possibly the most extraordinary thing: how sorrow touches us all but with kindness in getting through it.

A lush sonic landscape of ancient and future blends and reflections, remaining a mosaic of life moments marking diverse influences and inspirations that continue to shape us and the power of music to capture human experience essence.

Ultimately, “Elemental” is an ode to the enduring bonds of friendship and the lasting impact of music on our lives.

Release Date: 2024/2/23
Genres: Ambient, Chillout, EDM, Experimental, Funk, Instrumental, Jazz, Orchestral, Rock, Slap House, Sound Design, Trap
Booklet: Download