Divine Touch - But Also
Quail Despair04:07
Shy Solicitude04:24
Disquiet Tremor05:01
Pugnacious Angst04:50
Aphotic Dawn05:10
Bête Noire06:25

Divine Touch has once again unveiled a new release, this time venturing into the complex terrain of exploring the sensations associated with anxiety and overwhelming waves of panic. Through his unique musical style, he delves deep into these intricate emotions, crafting a sonic journey that captures their essence.

Through brooding basslines, mesmerizing rhythms, and ethereal echoes, he constructs an immersive auditory landscape that plunges listeners into the very heart of their own anxieties.

It’s a musical odyssey that transports us to the depths of our psyche, compelling us to confront the restlessness and unease that often lurk beneath the surface. The music becomes both a cathartic release and a contemplative journey, encouraging us to confront our fears and anxieties directly, much like shining a light on the shadows in a dimly lit room.

Angst is more than just a musical endeavour; it’s a therapeutic experience that invites us to embrace our vulnerabilities. It encourages us to recognize that within the darkness lies the potential for transformation and healing, demonstrating the profound impact of art in guiding us through the intricate and often turbulent terrain of our inner world.

Release Date: 2020/7/6
Genres: Dubstep, Downtempo, Electronic
Booklet: Download