Divine Touch - But Also
Sacred Flow07:00
Cut and Run02:32
Blissfully Obeisant04:32
In the heart of a tranquil forest, where the whispers of ancient trees danced in the breeze, there existed a hidden grove. Within this mystical enclave, nature’s rhythms melded with the sacred flow of life. It was a place where time seemed to slow, and the world beyond faded into obscurity. Here, the universe conspired to reveal its secrets to those willing to listen.

Amidst the emerald foliage and the soft murmur of a babbling brook, a curious traveller ventured into this ethereal sanctuary. The atmosphere was thick with an energy that seemed to beckon, to invite one to cut and run from the mundane constraints of daily existence. It was an intoxicating invitation, an aphrodisiac to the soul.

The traveller stepped gingerly onto the mossy path, feeling the earth’s gentle caress beneath each footfall. The air was infused with the scent of wildflowers, their petals swaying in harmonious choreography with the breeze. Birds sang their blissfully obeisant tunes, as if paying homage to the enchantment that surrounded them.

As the traveller ventured deeper into the sacred grove, the sunlight filtered through the canopy above, creating a dappled tapestry of shadow and light. The world became a living canvas, and the traveller an eager artist, eager to capture the essence of this place.

Every breath was a communion with the spirits of the forest, every step a dance with the divine. The sacred flow of existence was palpable here, an invisible current that carried one along like a leaf on a gentle stream. It was a feeling of oneness, of being a thread woven into the intricate tapestry of life itself.

In this hidden haven, time lost its meaning, and worries dissolved like morning mist. The traveller surrendered to the allure of the moment, blissfully obeisant to the enchantment of the grove. Here, in this sacred flow, one could taste the essence of the universe, a sweet nectar that left a lingering, transformative impression on the soul.

As the day waned and the sun began its descent, the traveller reluctantly prepared to leave. The grove had bestowed its gifts, and it was time to return to the outside world. But the memory of this sacred place would forever reside in the traveller’s heart, a reminder that there are moments when one must cut and run from the chaos of life to find true bliss.

Release Date: 2020/9/7
Genres: Dubstep, Downtempo
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