Born in Germany and growing up as a musical prodigy playing violin and piano at the ripe age of five, Sweetstream began to play in orchestras at the age of seven and started singing opera at 15.

Trained by renowned classical musicians like Anna Sterzer, Roswitha Ehrhard and Irmgard Hitzig, she had her future mapped out for her. But, when she turned 19, she moved to the UK, settling in London and made a vow to create her own style of music, something that was niche, genre-defying and stood out from the crowd.

At the age of 21 she reinvented herself as Sweetstream with her neo-contemporary transcendent urban electro sound, with lyrics that more often than not shows her concern and thoughts about the human condition, mindfulness, life as we know it, and raising awareness about humanitarian issues.


Sweetstream - If Not You Shine - Cover Art
Sweetstream - Transcendence - Cover Art