Divine Touch has released his newest EP, “Broken Silence,” to the excitement and delight of an anxious, worldwide fan base.

The album is comprised of six original, new tracks by the famed composer of underground electronica, now based in London. Boasting a total playing time of approximately 35 minutes, “Broken Silence” is closer to a full-length than it is to an extended-play record, and makes for a comprehensive and remarkable introduction to this wildly talented musician.

A shadowy album with profound depth and a strong undercurrent, “Broken Silence” is evocative and stirring from the very start. Divine Touch himself cites as main artistic influences “various London underground genres, especially jungle, garage and dubstep,” as well as “a multitude starting from the early 80s.” Judging from the Gothic and dark wave nuances in “Broken Silence,” one can only surmise that bands such as Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cocteau Twins must have been in there, somewhere, too. “A positive, melodic flow combined with an energetic, raw, dark edge is generally what makes me tick,” writes the artist.

Divine Touch has a hands-on, unique sound that bears all of the hallmarks of a tried and true audiophile, one whom creates in order to add art to the universe and make the world more interesting, somehow. Self-expression seems secondary to him, albeit extremely important.

“It was difficult to find music I really liked,” he says, “so I started making my own.”

Perhaps most shocking about “Broken Silence” is that it was composed overnight in a fit of monumental emotion. Being a man of action, Divine Touch did the proper thing and constructed from these feelings a monument in their honour, a veritable statue of sound. The following is a candid retelling of the record’s inception from Divine Touch, himself, faithfully reprinted here in its entirety.

“I made the music for this EP during a single sleepless night to express how I felt after a friendship broke dramatically down. The title ‘Broken Silence‘ signifies how the silence between two people who have fallen out has broken and is not easily overcome.

This release is for people who are not afraid to dip into their dark side to process painful emotions.

I also wrote a poem (which is something I extremely rarely do…) expressing the feeling of the music verbally, each of the six [stanzas] corresponding to each of the EPs six tracks:”

Click here to listen to the release.

Written by S. McCauley