Sweetstream has with “Transcendence” explored new ways to fuse different kinds of musical genres from classical music and opera to urban, electro and underground trip-hop, and this release is a manifesto of everything her music stands for – sounding as if created on another planet; ambiguity written all over the familiar, and yet unfamiliar, music at the same time.

Sweetstream has described the album as: “…music for the mind. Transcendence means that it transforms and breaks your expectations as a listener.”

With both instrumental and vocal songs, “Transcendence” is ever-changing like a chameleon. From beginning to end, it takes you on a journey through a Jeanette Winterson-esque world. The electro fusion of the hypnotic bass and more conventional instruments defeats the segregation of time.

It’s an expedition through past, present and future; and through its travels, taking the best of each genre and given birth to an altogether new breed of music; mastering the difficult art of music and yet still managing to preserve and convey who she really is as a musician; simply brilliantly weird.