“When friendship breaks apart, misunderstandings abound, your destination is a dark place of Broken Silence…”

Divine Touch has with this six-track EP ventured into the realms of painful emotions with dark atmospheric downtempo dub, while still ending the EP on a positive note of hope.

Broken Silence

Emotions Fractured, Heart Twisted, Sanity Broken

Reflecting, Squirming, Shameful Regret
But, No Way Back

Felt, Not Heard
Not One to Hear, Not One to Tell
Alone, In Silence, Suffering

Shaking, Begging, Screaming Emotions
Tearing Silence, Haunted, Broken

Calm Desperation
Holding On Tight, Not To Falter
Desperately, Breathing, Slowly

Bells Calling
New Day, New Beginning, New Hope
But No Peace
Just, Broken Silence